About Us

Two Rivers Terminal is a diversified chemical formulator, distributor and importer located in Pasco, Washington. The company is named after the Snake and the Columbia Rivers. The two rivers meet at the southern end of the Columbia Basin near Pasco Washington. The Columbia Basin is one of the most diverse and productive farming areas in North America. The rivers provide hydroelectric power, irrigation water, recreation and key transportation opportunities for shippers in this area.

We maintain facilities in Pasco and Moses Lake, Washington and a facility in Umatilla, Oregon. These facilities have bulk storage capacities of over 15,000 tons of liquid and 18,000 tons of dry products. In addition we operate two packaged goods warehouses used for the storage of packaged specialty chemicals and are also where we receive many of our imported products.

Two Rivers Terminal is a division of Land View Inc. based in Minidoka, Idaho. Land View Inc. has been in business since 1982. The traditional focus of the company has been based on agricultural crop protection and fertilizer products. In recent years the companies have developed a strong partnership with the industrial chemical marketplace, while maintaining a growing leadership position in the agricultural crop protection and nutrient business.

Mission Statement

Two Rivers Terminal LLC is a nimble and diversified manufacturer, formulator, distributor and importer, of industrial and food production products for progressive businesses providing success opportunities for all stakeholders

Vision Statement

We are focused on providing unique sustainable solutions through manufacturing and marketing expertise and are committed to long term financial stability.